You use search engines to find information on the Web. But what happens when you move those documents, as well as your other research, business, financial, legal, and product information documents onto your PC? Today, locating critical information on your computer can be anywhere from seriously annoying to overwhelming. What can you do?

Search StudioTM Content Locator is an index-based full text search engine that allows you to efficiently search within HTML, PDF, and Text documents on your computer or local network. Search Studio allows you to create meaningful collections of documents, search those collections using Boolean AND-OR keyword queries, then view result summaries. Using a standard browser, you can then view and navigate matching documents using your query keywords that are boldly highlighted .

Search several gigabytes of documents within seconds. Documents may reside on your hard disk, CD/DVD ROM, or your local network.
Select multiple result views: compact for filenames and titles, title/synopsis for briefs, or detailed for line by line keyword hits.
Zoom in using a document navigation view which highlights all search keywords found within your documents and then quickly jump to any section of your document containing matches.
Efficiently manage indexes for your collections. With a press of a button, automatically update indexes when documents are added, updated, or removed from your collections.

Find out how much more productive you can be in your work and research. Use Search Studio to efficiently organize and locate your document information, from HTML research and news articles to PDFs of financial, legal and product information, to all your other Microsoft Office documents. Here are a few more points we'd like you to know.

  Search Studio is fast. Search tens of thousands of documents within a few seconds. E.g., index ten thousand HTML documents in less than 10 minutes or a gigabyte size collection of PDF documents in less than 20 minutes,
  Search Studio leverages how you work. Using your existing Windows folder structures, Search Studio exploits your document organizations. You can quickly and naturally group documents into different collections that can then be independently indexed, searched, and updated.
  Search Studio is flexible. Search Studio uses an efficient virtual document model that allows you to include documents in multiple collections while physically storing the document only once. This feature is useful whenever you need to organize the same document under different categories.
  Search Studio runs on Windows NT/2000/XP. Summary results and highlighted documents are directly displayed in your IE 5.0 or higher browser.
  Search Studio is available for download today. The full function registered version of Search Studio Content Locator is $24.95. Search Studio Content Locator Lite, a limited function version, is free .